Operate Your Business More Profitably

Syntient is a business consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses operate more profitably. We do this by identifying opportunities for you which lie in the people side of your organization. Our name “Syntient” comes from our core beliefs that synergy comes from working mindfully (being sentient). How you do what you do is at least as important to your success as what you do. We help you get more value out of your efforts to:

Improve the effectiveness of your business planning

  • Operate with better intelligence
  • Align all of your people with the imperatives of your plan
  • Reference daily decisions with the requirements of your plan
  • Adjust efforts against the results produced by your plan
  • Define their own successes in reference to the success of the business
  • Create your exit strategy

Run a smarter business

  • Build collaborative skills to ensure that people think and work together
  • Make people aware of the business effects of their daily decisions
  • Think rigorously
  • Learn from experience

Become more effective competitors

  • Build brand equity
  • Deliver on the customer promises inherent in your brand’s promise
  • Keep current customers while adding new ones
  • Strengthen teamwork and reduce conflicts

Build the capabilities of the organization to do its business well

  • Counsel leaders and managers
  • Use the work of the business to coach and develop people
  • Develop your bench strength